Principles of Technology and Innovation Management



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Creating and managing new technological knowledge is a key success factor of most firms. The objective of this class is to provide an introduction into innovation management from both the perspective of a manager who has to make decisions about her firm's technology and innovation management processes and from the perspective of an academic researcher studying these decisions.

We will discuss selected questions of managing innovation in a corporate context. We will focus both on strategic aspects of setting up the capabilities and competences of a firm to innovate and on the particular tasks and processes to manage one product/service development project.

Classroom sessions are likely to comprise a mixture of traditional lectures, case/paper discussions and student presentations. Please note that a detailed course outline and reading list will be made available in L2P ahead of the first session.


After participating in this course, students should be in a position to:
• Understand and apply core methods and theories of technology and innovation management to solve complex product and service development problems by analytical skills
• Apply critical thinking skills in innovation management contexts, i.e. to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information to solve product development problems and make innovation management decisions
• Effectively communicate solutions for complex product and service development problems


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Frank Thomas Piller