Apartment Hunting for International Students

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Housing Advice Service

International Office


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Still have not found any accommodation?

Are you already in Aachen and still have not found any accommodation? You can contact us, the International Office Housing Advice Service, by downloading and filling the contact form further below and sending it per email to us. This will help us provide information adapted to your personal situation, either per email or if needed during an individual appointment.

AStA and the student association INCAS also offer housing consultations. If we cannot offer you an appointment early enough, you might want to check their office hours. Please note that the office hours might vary during the semester.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Looking for Housing?

Unlike in other countries, you do not automatically get a place to live when you come to Germany to study. You must independently look for housing and independently apply for a room in a dorm.

RWTH Aachen does not own or manage any dorms and thus cannot provide nor guarantee you housing. The staff at the International Office can only provide you with information about providers and give you an overview of different options. Here are a few tips to prepare you to apartment hunting in Aachen:

  1. Begin your search for housing at least three months before you come. Use the numerous addresses and information on our webpages. When searching for an apartment, you can apply to both the private apartment market or to the Studierendenwerk dorms.
  2. In order to increase your chances of finding a room or an apartment, it is important that you are flexible about the location, and take the outer districts of Aachen and surrounding cities into consideration. Please note that if you are not a citizen of the EU, the conditions of your visa may not allow you to live outside of Germany.
  3. Reserve a room early on for your first few days or weeks in Aachen – for example in a hostel or guesthouse. That way you can be sure that you have short-term housing and can continue to look for permanent housing once you are here.

It is particular challenge for international students to find an apartment or room in Aachen. Are you not familiar with the Aachen housing market and don't know exactly where to start your search? What you should take into consideration? We have put together a few tips on searching for housing and advising for international students to answer the most important questions and offer tips specifically for international students:

Availability and the high demand on the housing market often determine whether you find a private apartment, a shared flat, or a room in a student dorm. Your search can take longer than you expect. You aren't alone though; almost all new students at RWTH are in the same situation. Start your search early and don't be shy about asking for help. We are happy to provide further information and advice.