Fire Safety



Dirk Goßmann



+49 241 80 97082



24-Hour On Call Service for Fire and Hazard Prevention

A 24-hour on call service for fire and hazard prevention is situated in Unit 10.64. The service is notified either by the Aachen fire department headquarters or a phone call from the University Police. RWTH Aachen Fire Safety supports Aachen's fire department with special knowledge about RWTH and the site of the danger. The on call service has its own service vehicle in order to quickly reach the site and offer its help.

Additional Support from RWTH Aachen Fire Safety

RWTH Aachen Fire Safety is made up of employees, who primarily work in other areas of the University. From chemists to handymen to IT personnel, numerous specific areas of work covering a broad spectrum of skills are represented. Their workplaces are located across campus. Their decentralized distribution across the campus is advantegous, for example, when the on-call service for fire and hazard prevention cannot reach the site as quickly during the day. In this case, a member of RWTH Aachen Fire Safety can meet the city firemen and assist them with special knowledge about the site and their knowledge about current and specific dangers in the building in question.