Academic Advising Services (including Examination Coordination)


Changed Consultation Hours!

Due to an increased workload involved in organizing data migration to the new Campus management system and due to some staff members being away on leave, the consultation hours for the Business Administration and Management, Business and Economics programs of study will be limited to the following dates:

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Consultation hours for Business Administration and Engineering (Materials and Process, Electrical Power, Civil Engineering) are not affected as yet.

In urgent cases, you may send us an email and we will try to react as soon as possible. It's possible that the information you seek is available on our homepage. Please take a look.

Thank you for your understanding.





We are there to help and support you with ...

  • Academic Advice Provision:
    • Information about our degree programs of study
    • Study planning and management
    • Recognition of academic qualifications (from other degree programs or from abroad)
    • Examination Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities
  • Examination Coordination
  • Mentoring
  • Applications for Master degree programs (Master of Business and Economics, Master of Management, Business and Economics)

Information on the Various Procedures

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