Mission of the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University

  Mission of the School Copyright: Marcus Gerards

Vision Statement:

The School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University is a renowned institution for teaching and for conducting research at one of the leading technological universities in Europe. In our research and teaching, we cross disciplinary boundaries and integrate insights from engineering and the natural sciences with economic, business, and social issues to help solve the global challenges of tomorrow.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the School of Business and Economics is to prepare students for a productive and socially responsible career in business and economics and to generate innovative and impactful ideas at the interface of business and industry, society, the natural sciences, and technology. To achieve this mission, the School:

  • conducts high-quality research, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary issues and new technologies. This research is a balanced blend of basic research that advances current knowledge within our academic discipline and applied, third-party-funded research that addresses specific problems of firms and non-profit organizations;
  • provides high-quality degree programs that feature innovative teaching methods and technologies and that emphasize the critical discussion of current research findings and, whenever appropriate, a quantitative orientation;
  • creates a stimulating working and learning environment (i.e., a “place to be”) by actively promoting interaction between the School and its stakeholders and by engaging students and all other stakeholders in the development of the School.

Students, colleagues, administrators of the School and the University, together with the general public are informed via meetings and booklets at least once a year about when the School will be holding its open days. Information distributed by the School to prospective students and to the general public contains information about its mission.

Value Statement:

Our vision and mission are supported by a set of shared values that form the foundation of all our activities.

Inclusive: We value all of our stakeholders and actively seek to include them in our decision-making processes. We believe that the School will develop more effectively when considering and including diverse perspectives in our decisions.

Innovative: We encourage continuous innovation in research and teaching and seek to provide a research and learning environment that supports all members of the School in realizing their individual potential and in developing innovative ideas.

Interdisciplinary: We believe that globally relevant research problems can only be solved through interdisciplinary collaboration and encourage the crossing of disciplinary boundaries in our research and teaching.