Innovative Tuesday: A bi-weekly interactive innovation talk, hosted by RWTH TIME and IHK Aachen


Tuesday, January 23, 2018


From October 2017 RWTH Aachen in cooperation with the IHK Aachen is organizing the "Innovative Tuesdays", a new networking format between the local economy, researchers and students in the field of innovation. On every second and fourth Tuesday evening, the hosts Thomas Wendland (IHK) Prof. Stefanie Paluch and Prof. Frank Piller (RWTH) welcome all those interested in innovation and innovation management at the RWTH campus in the new Cluster Produktionstechnik.

We are looking for exciting discussions with speakers from business and science as well as other participants from the region of Aachen on various aspects of the topic of technology and innovation management. All events will be held in English to promote the exchange even beyond the national border and involve the international students of RWTH.

Participation is free, but registration is requested: click here to register.


We go on, on

Innovative Tuesday #7,
23 Jan 2018, 18-20 h

with our next guest speaker
Dirk Vanderhaeghen, Lumileds Germany GmbH, Senior Director Market Strategy OEM

  netronic   Martin Pattera  

LEDs for Automotive Lighting: Disruptive or Back to the Future Innovation?

LED as new light source technology has disrupted the overall lighting market from general illumination towards display, mobile, automotive and other specialty applications. While this new technology enables a whole range of never before possible (‘disruptive’) application functionalities, full market adoption seems to be accelerated y reverting back (‘back to the future’) to industry’s proven cornerstones and standards. Also for the automotive market, where lighting is a general safety feature and therefore also highly regulated, we see these industry dynamics happening. After initially serving the early adoptors, the unmet needs of the mainstream market segment have to be addressed. At this moment the disruptive innovation kicks back into a ‘back to the future’ reality. The presentation elaborates on the actual business opportunity for standard LED bulbs and modules, enabling market adoption by cost effective solutions for the mainstream segments. What are the different requirements for this market innovation vs. the disruptive first of a kind solutions? How are the dynamics of the innovation cycle playing out and when are your customers in their regional markets actually ready for it? And what about future autonomous cars; do they need lighting at all?


Graduated in 1992 with a Masters electronic engineering degree from the University in Ghent, Belgium. Joined Philips Lighting in 1995 and worked for different application areas in special lighting and digital projection lighting. Since 2005 he joined Philips Automotive Lighting Aachen, Germany. During 2009-2013 he worked at Lumileds in San Jose CA and since mid 2013 he transitioned back to Germany, where he currently is responsible for the market strategy of the OEM automotive business.


Participation is free, but registration is requested: click here to register.

All events take place in the professional education rooms of the RWTH Business School, Cluster Production Technology, RWTH Campus, Campus Boulevard 30, 52074 Aachen. You find the room on the ground floor, entry on the front just right next to the e.Go showroom).


Upcoming Editions

Further events in this series will take place on 6 Feb 2018.

  • Feb 6, 2018: Dr. Claudia Meinken, European Patent Lawyer at MZ Patent Aachen - Strategic Management of IP: Common mistakes and current trends

Earlier editions

On the 9th of January we were happy to have Andera Gadeib CEO of Dialego AG as speaker:

Reducing the risk in new product development: Experiences from testing more than 7000 product concepts

  • Digital age 2030
  • Why Human Centricity?
  • Success factors for innovations
  • How Co-Creation helps to succeed
  • Examples for successful innovations

On the 12th of December we were happy to have Martin Pattera Managing Partner at Strategyn IIP as speaker:

Customer Centric Innovation: How to create unique offerings around the "Job-to-be-Done"

  • A new viewpoint on what innovation really is
  • A case study on how to put the "Job-to-be-Done" concept into practice
  • A structured process that can be implemented in any organisation

On the 28th of November we were happy to have Dirk Bartels Head of Processes, Tools & Standards at ThyssenKrupp AG as speaker:

Engineering. together. tomorrow - Technology & Innovation @ thyssenkrupp

  • How a diversified industrial group works together in Technology and Innovation
  • Focus on Customer Orientation: The Peoduct Lifecycle Management Process of tk
  • Foresight: Creating a joint picture of the future for all businesses of tk
  • Innovation Garage: Agile innovation approaches at tk

On the 14th of November we were happy to have Dr. Martin Karlowitsch Managing Director at NETRONIC Software GmbH as speaker:

The incumbent's playbook to launching a vertical SaaS product

  • How do I find an idea for a new product innovation? (Job to Be Done)
  • How do I start its realization? (Minimum Viable Product)
  • What are the next steps towards realization?
  • Why is User Onboarding so important?

On the 24th of October we were happty to have Oliver Möller Senior Project Manager at P3-Group as speaker:

Innovative Engineering Solutions at P3

The P3 group is a management consultancy and engineering company with headquarters in Aachen, Germany. More than 3.000 employees are developing products, services, and advisory for clients primarily from the automotive, energy, aerospace, and telecommunications sector. P3 has been founded in 1996 as spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and can be considered one of RWTH Aachen's largest success stories with regard to entrepreneurship. The talk will introduce P3's innovation and development process and also discuss its specific working culture, using a number of concrete project examples from different industries.

On the 10th of October we were happy to have Myron Graw, Managing Partner at KEX AG as speaker:

INC: Simply innovating differently – An agile development approach for a silent air taxi

KEX AG is a Spin-off by Fraunhofer Institute IPT and developed an innovative approach for technology and market information at the frontend of innovation. It also hosts the INC Invention Center on the RWTH Aachen Campus, a place for visionaries and future planners to redefine their business. At INC, members from industry and research not just network and exchange ideas on current topics concerning technology and innovation management, but also co-create products and solutions together. Using a number of recent industry cases, Myron Graw will demonstrate the power of agile and highly collaborative innovation.