M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (MME-TIME)


An award-winning blended-learning programme delivered in partnership with Cambridge Digital Innovation at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

Designed for professionals with a STEM Background (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the MME-TIME provides you with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the digitized economy. The programme is offered by one of the leading integrated universities of technology in Europe, RWTH Aachen University, with close to 150 years of expertise in producing cutting-edge research and Cambridge Digital Innovation at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge.

In the course of the programme, you will learn the latest developments in laser technologies, digital and additive manufacturing, robotics, big data technologies, sustainable energy technologies, and many more. These technological modules will be accompanied by a profound management education where you will learn how to leverage and commercialize these technologies successfully.

Graduates of the programme will have a truly interdisciplinary mindset that is necessary for solving the great technological, managerial, and societal challenges of our time. Hence, the programme is ideally suited for professionals with a STEM background that wish to deepen their knowledge on state-of-the-art technologies but also aim for a management position in their next career step.

An entirely distinctive element is the possibility to tailor the programme around the needs and time frame of the participants. With the help of the latest digital and blended learning technologies, you can choose to study mainly from your home location or from Aachen and can also study at your own preferred pace.

Why you should choose the MME-TIME programme:

Enrolling in MME-TIME will help you prepare for a successful career in the digitized economy, and there are many good reasons why:

  1. Excellent reputation: RWTH Aachen University enjoys an excellent reputation across the world for cutting-edge research in engineering and technology and is synonymous with German engineering.
  2. Leading innovation ecosystems: The programme takes you to some of the most exciting innovation ecosystems in the world. Apart from Aachen, you will complete a Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum delivered by Cambridge Digital Innovation (CDI) at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. You may also complete courses offered by MIT professional education in Boston (additional fees might apply).
  3. Interdisciplinary thinking: The courses in the programme will help you acquire advanced knowledge in both management and engineering and will equip you with a truly interdisciplinary profile and mindset that are increasingly sought in corporations and start-ups alike.
  4. Fully customizable: The entire programme is structured around your individual needs. You can decide if you want to study full-time or part-time, at your home location or on-campus in Aachen, Cambridge, or Boston. This will allow you to build an optimal learning experience.
  5. Mixed pedagogy: The programme uses a great variety of learning styles and teaching methods. Lectures, case studies, applied projects, group work, topical debates, and lab sessions provide a varied and lively learning experience.
  6. Leadership potential: Acquire the skills and tools to manage organizational as well as technological change and learn how to lead the digital transformation in your industry through innovation, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Study format: M.Sc. Degree programme - Blended-Learning
Duration: 3 semesters (full-time) – 6 semesters (part-time)
Credit points: 90
Course fees: 30,000 EUR for the entire program (incl. Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum in Cambridge, UK) payable in three installments This corresponds to 5,000 EUR per semester if you study part-time (i.e. 6 semesters) and 10,000 EUR per semester if you study full-time (i.e. 3 semesters).
Qualification: M.Sc. (RWTH)
Language: English
Further Information https://www.academy.rwth-aachen.de/en/mme-time