MicroMaster Courses


Success or failure? The future of your organization today depends on how well it can adapt to and leverage disruptive technologies and business models.

This MicroMasters program enables you to do just that – to deal with disruptive change in the marketplace and take advantage of the shifting landscape to benefit your organization.

By combining elements from innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy research, this program will show you how to use a standard toolkit to judge and assess real life cases and learn using a practice-oriented approach.

You will be guided through the innovation process from ideation to implementation, will explore the typical creation process of a new venture and will learn more about the differences between entrepreneurial and managerial thought patterns. As a final part of the program, you’ll learn strategic management concepts – so your organization can be ahead of the curve and not be victim to disruption.

Course Instructor Start
Managing Disruptive Change Prof. Brettel Archived
Customer-Centric Innovation Prof. Piller 19.07.2017
Innovation & Creativity Management Prof. Piller 13.09.2017
Thinking & Acting like an Enrepreneur Prof. Brettel 15.11.2017
Strategic Management: From Intuition to Insight Prof. Salge 17.01.2018
Strategic Management: From Insight to Decision Prof. Salge 14.03.2018