Recognition of ACISS courses


Recognition of ACISS courses

Below, participants enrolled in Master programmes at RWTH Aachen University will find all necessary information to get credit for your ACISS courses.

Please note the following five steps:

  1. Attend your assigned courses and fulfill the required examination criteria. Registering for the exam via campus office is not necessary.
  2. After the classes have ended, the ACISS coordinator will prepare a certificate for each student ACISS participant. It comprises information on all completed courses, including the corresponding module grades and ECTS credit points.
  3. You will be informed via email when to collect your certificate from the ACISS coordinator.
  4. Subsequently, submit the original certificate to the wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Prüfungsausschüsse in Templergraben 64, 6th floor. Master Wirt.-Ing. students should submit their certificate to the respective examination board.
    You have the possibility to choose an area of recognition for each course. Please consider the different options for recognition, depending on your specific degree program, listed below.
  5. After the verification by the Examination Board and the ZPA, your modules and grades will appear on your transcript of records in the Campus Office System.

Please consider the specific options for the different degree programs:

Area of recognition:

  • Master BWL: General mandatory courses & all specializations areas
  • Master WiWi (new): General mandatory courses & all specializations areas
  • Master WiWi (old): Wahl B
  • Master Wirt.-Ing.: General mandatory courses & all specializations areas

Application to the Examination Board:

Master BWL and Master WiWi students must submit their certificate (application included) to the Examination Board. Master Wirt.-Ing. students need to hand in a formal/informal application in addition to their certificate. Submit your certificate and application to the Examination Board after you have decided in which area of recognition you want to have your courses accredited (there is no rush!).

  • Master BWL: certificate (application included)
  • Master WiWi: certificate (application included)
  • Master Wirt.-Ing.
    • WPT & EET: Informal application + certificate
    • BAU: Form sheet + certificate
    • MB: Submit an application to your Examination Board to have your curriculum modified before the Summer School starts. After the Summer School has ended, submit your certificate.

Important for participants in the ACISS module on “Applied Advanced Econometrics“

All Master's students who have already participated in the course "Microeconometrics“ by Professor Balleer cannot get credit for the module owing to major content overlaps. It is not possible to get credit for both courses.