Research Publications

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Selected Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Heidig, W., Wentzel, D., Tomczak, T., Wiecek, A., & Faltl, M. (forthcoming). “Supersize me!” the effects of cognitive effort and goal frame on the persuasiveness of upsell offers. Journal of Service Management.
  • Antons, D.; Declerck, M.; Diener, K.; Koch, I.; Piller, F.T. (2017): Assessing the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome: Development and Validation of Implicit and Explicit Measurements, Journal of Organizational Behavior (in press) , DOI: 10.1002/job.2199
  • Bendig, D., Strese, S., & Brettel, M. (2017). The link between operational leanness and credit ratings. Journal of Operations Management, 52, 46-55. Link
  • Gatzweiler, A., Blazevic, V., & Piller, F. (2017). Dark side or bright light: Destructive and constructive deviant content in consumer ideation contests. Journal of Product Innovation Management. Link
  • Hopp, C., & Greene, F. J. (2017). In Pursuit of Time: Business Plan Sequencing, Duration and Intraentrainment Effects on New Venture Viability. Journal of Management Studies. Link
  • Antons, D. and Piller, F. (2015): Opening the Black Box of "Not-Invented-Here": Attitudes, Decision Biases, and Behavioral Consequences, Academy of Management Perspectives, Link.
  • Hopp, C., Minten, A., & Toporova, N. (2016). Signaling, selection and transition: empirical evidence on stepping-stones and vicious cycles in temporary agency work. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27(5), 527-547. Link
  • Breidbach, C. F., Antons, D., & Salge, T. O. (2016). Seamless service? On the role and impact of service orchestrators in human-centered service systems. Journal of Service Research, 19(4), 458-476. Link
  • Jaeger, N. A., Zacharias, N. A., & Brettel, M. (2016). Nonlinear and dynamic effects of responsive and proactive market orientation: A longitudinal investigation. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(4), 767-779. Link
  • Kortmann, S., & Piller, F. (2016). Open business models and closed-loop value chains. California Management Review, 58(3), 88-108. Link
  • Paluch, S., & WŁnderlich, N. V. (2016). Contrasting risk perceptions of technology-based service innovations in inter-organizational settings. Journal of business Research, 69(7), 2424-2431. Link
  • von Walter, B., Wentzel, D., & Tomczak, T. (2016). Securing Frontline Employee Support After an Ethical Scandal: The Moderating Impact of Response Strategies. Journal of Service Research, 19(4), 417-432. Link
  • Salge, T. O., Kohli, R., & Barrett, M. (2015). Investing in Information Systems: On the Behavioral and Institutional Search Mechanisms undepinning Hospitals IS Investment Decisions. Mis Quarterly, 39(1). Link
  • Paluch, S., & Blut, M. (2013). Service separation and customer satisfaction: assessing the service separation/customer integration paradox. Journal of Service Research, 16(3), 415-427. Link