The 2018 Open Innovation Accelerator Survey

  OIA Survey 2018

The Market for Open Innovation – A market study of intermediaries, brokers, platforms and facilitators helping organizations to profit from open innovation and customer co-creation.

For the third time, this study explores the market of Open Innovation Accelerators (OIA), organizations that help their clients to include external experts in all stages of an innovation project. We invite more than 220 intermediaries to join a 60 min online survey investigating the OIA’s business model and environment, interaction between the participant groups, services offered, project specifics, and characteristics of their external participant pool. In addition, we asked about estimates and current trends for the development of the open innovation market in each of the three studies.

Using primary survey data as well as secondary data sources, the Open Innovation Accelerator Survey is the largest inquiry of the global market of open innovation. Since open innovation intermediaries build on the crowdsourcing principle, hence the involvement of a community, we are focusing our research and market study not only at the intermediaries but also on the client perspective and on the crowd.

We are an ambitious research team, striving to explore the entire OI ecosystem to understand key factors influencing platform success (e.g. the relationship between different actors and governance structures). We invite all intermediaries to remain part of this project and to gain deeper insights into their own participant pool and clients. Sufficient data will enable us to identify key factors of a sustainable and growing ecosystem and their correlations. We aim to provide each intermediary with the specific results for its ecosystem regarding strengths and weaknesses, and a comparison with industry peers.



All Open Innovation Intermediaries and Crowdsourcing Platforms who did not receive an email invitation to our OIA 2018 survey yet are welcome to self-register in order to include their company profile in the OIA 2018 market report. To create your profile, follow this link to the survey tool. You will find detailed instructions and information about data privacy in the introduction.​


Share your crowdsourcing experience to complement our OIA study from an USER PERSPECTIVE!

Share your crowdsourcing experience to complement our OIA study from an USER PERSPECTIVE!

Have you ever been a SEEKER or a SOLVER (idea or solution provider) in a crowdsourcing or openinnovation project, using the services of an open innovation platform or intermediary?

Please participate – each survey participation has a real impact: For research, for the market report and for CHARITY!

It only takes 10 minutes – take a break and participate right away. The survey experience is best on screens that are larger than a mobile phone.

For each participation, we donate $4 to Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders, $2 each! We will update the number of survey participations and the resulting charitydonations with screenshots right here!