Affiliated Professors

  Name Institution Contact
tim_vera_blazevic Prof. Dr.
Vera Blazevic
Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Phone: +49 241 80 93581

Lars Groeger_MGSM 014_small headshot _black and white.jpg Dr.
Lars Groeger
Marketing (MAR)
tim_robin_kleer Dr. rer. pol.
Robin Kleer
Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)
MAR_Hans-Willi_Schroiff.jpg Prof. Dr.
Hans-Willi Schroiff
Marketing (MAR)
MAR_Hartwig_Steffenhagen Prof. Dr.
Hartwig Steffenhagen
Marketing (MAR)
TIM_Rolf-Christian Wentz_SW.jpg Dr.
Rolf-Christian Wentz
Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Phone: +49 228 20769485

tim_claudia_werker Dr.
Claudia Werker
Visiting Professor at RWTH TIM Group and the RWTH Cluster of Excellence on Production Technologies Phone: +49 241 80 93510