External Doctoral Students

  Name Institution Contact
TIM_burmeister Christian Burmeister M.Sc. Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)
WIN_Garcia Gonzalo Garcia de Lomana Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN) Phone: +49 170 334 1255

Leif Grube Leif Grube M. Sc. Service and Technology Marketing (STM)
Kathrin Hagenbucher Kathrin Hagenbucher M. A. Service and Technology Marketing (STM)
Maik Hesse Maik Hesse M.Sc. Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)
WIN_Stefan_Katzenmeier Stefan Katzenmeier M.Sc. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN)
ISO_Nils_Köster Nils Köster M.Sc. Innovation, Strategy, and Organization (ISO)
uhlenbrock_WIN Dipl. Kfm.
David Uhlenbrock
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN)
WIN_Zeiler Dennis Zeiler M.Sc. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WIN) Phone: +49 152 04962754