Projektmodul: Wirtschaft Aktuell II – Autonomes Fahren in urbanen Gebieten


Kick-Off Event: On Thursday, April 20th 2017, 09:00 to 10:30, room 043 (C.A.R.L, Claßenstr.)


In this course, students will design and implement a project on the subject of autonomous driving, particularly with regard to the needs and expectations of consumers on autonomous vehicles for urban areas. Each group is working on a specific topic which will be aligned with the supervisor. The groups will employ either qualitative (e.g., conception, implementation and interpretation of in-depth interviews and/or focus group interviews) or quantitative methods (e.g., questionnaire development, data collection, analysis through statistical methods like factor analysis, cluster analysis and linear regression with the statistics software SPSS) to answer their research question.


The course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of marketing, market research and customer analysis, which can be useful for their Bachelor- and Master thesis, as well as to prepare them for professional life in the field of marketing (consumer research). The intention of the course is the implementation of scientific methods to answer a specific question in practice. Students who do not already possess knowledge in the field of data collection and/or data analysis will get an opportunity to develop these skills. Therefore, previous knowledge in the field of data collection is recommended but not a compulsory requirement.


The course "Wirtschaft Aktuell II" should be attended in the last semester of the Bachelor studies, preferably parallel to the Bachelor thesis. Hence, following prerequisites apply:

  • BWL Bachelor in the 6th semester (or higher)
  • successful completion of all obligatory modules (incl. seminar)
  • completed internship or exchange semester
  • registration of the bachelor thesis takes place within the same semester

Further information

Further information on this course and the application procedure can be obtained on CAMPUS .