Project Module Consumer Research


Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 12:00am


This project module enables students to work in groups on recent research projects of the marketing group within the fields of innovations marketing and product design. Although many companies invest significant amounts in the R&D department, most product innovations fail and are withdrawn from the market soon after their introduction. In this respect, the group projects will include the design of a research project aiming to collect and analyse empirical data on consumers' psychological perception of innovations and the role of product design.


The project module aims at conveying three objectives: (1) Allowing students insights into the process of empirical research in the area of marketing. (2) Implementation of scientific methods to answer a specific research question. Students who do not already possess knowledge in the field of data collection and/or data analysis will get the possibility to develop these skills. (3) Students will gain significant knowledge in consumer innovation perception and marketing strategies for new product introduction.


  • Number of participants: 15 max.
  • Teaching language: German/English
  • Basic knowledge on statistical methods of analysis. Participation in "Marketing Management" and/or "Consumer Behavior" is recommended, but not mandatory.