Strategic Technology Management


First Session December 20th 2014, 8.30am - 1pm, Room 3020|03.1


This course provides a case- and/or research-based introduction to strategic technology- and innovation management (TIM). This involves revisiting some of the foundational concepts and debates in strategic management and examining key strategic decisions at the heart of technology and innovation management. These might pertain for instance to the selection of technology fields, the composition of innovation portfolios, the timing of technology development initiatives, the setting of industry standards, the implementation of modular designs, the orchestration of strategic alliances, the protection of intellectual property or the adaptation to rapid technological change.

As part of this course, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with case studies and/or research papers related to these topics.

Classroom sessions are likely to comprise a mixture of traditional lectures, case/paper discussions and student presentations. Please note, that a detailed course outline and reading list will be made available in L2P ahead of the first session.

Teaching Objectives

After participating in this course, students should be in a position to:

  • understand and critically reflect upon key concepts and theories in strategic TIM,
  • understand and critically discuss conceptual and empirical research papers on strategic TIM,
  • analyse and develop adequate solutions to some of the practical challenges of strategic TIM, and
  • apply important tools in strategic TIM intelligently based on a thorough understanding of their respective strengths and weaknesses.


  • Solid command of Englisch
  • Willingness to prepare eacht class session ind advance
  • Due to the interactive nature of the teaching and the project work, the maximum number of participants is limited to 45

Further Information

Further information for this course can be obtained on Campus