Service Management Challenge (Simulation)


First Session April 15th 2015, 16.15pm - 17.45pm

Bachelor Summer Term 6 CP Teaching Assistant: David Egbert



Content Description

The course combines theoretical concepts of service management and a practical computer simulation. In the service management challenge, students learn to implement the appropriate service concepts during a simulation game. It is a competitive 24/7 web-based business simulation and the objective is to autonomously solve “real” service management problems. Students will be asked to manage a service company and will therefore work in small groups while competing with others in an interactive environment.

Course Objectives

The module teaches advanced knowledge about theoretical concepts and instruments of strategic service management. It allows students to practice their strategic service management skills in an interactive environment; they further learn to apply this knowledge for strategic decision making which is an essential part of the service simulation. The simulation game is an effective tool for learning and applying strategic service marketing and main objective is to transfer and simulate hands-on use of the knowledge about tools and concepts of service management, strategic marketing, and organizational leadership, while simultaneously work in self-organized teams that compete against each other. 

Course Examination

1.  Written reports (50%)

2.  Oral presentation (50%)


Further information on this course can be obtained on CAMPUS or by contacting   David Egbert